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    Expert property maintenance and cleaning services in NSW 

    Royce Cleaning and Property Maintenance Services offers a wide selection of cleaning and property maintenance services to commercial, industrial and residential clients across NSW. Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive, however, if you don’t see the answer to your question here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.

    Do we have to sign an agreement with Royce Cleaning and Property Maintenance Services?

    A: Not always. If your needs are simple, then the answer is no.

    Can I have a trial period?

    A: Yes. For all cleaning services, we offer a three-month trial period.

    Can we get a quote or order over the Internet?

    A: Yes. Just visit our Contact Us page. Or you can email us on royce@roycecleaning.com.au or call us on 02 9897 2099.

    Can I get one bill for all my services or separate bills for each service?

    A: Yes. We provide a single bill service, however, some clients request individual bills for each service. The choice is yours.

    Do I keep my same cleaner?

    A: Yes, as much as possible. The exception happens when your cleaner is sick or goes on vacation on your scheduled cleaning day. We will notify you of any changes to your service.

    How do I book in my periodicals?

    A: You don’t, we place it on a schedule and notify you when we would be completing the works. For example steam cleaning, striping and sealing, window cleaning, car park sweeping, warehouse sweeping, etc.

    Do we get a discount if we choose more than one service?

    A: Absolutely. Discounts are based on the variety of services you choose. Rates change for the number of service days, number of waste pickups or additional services incorporated in your quote: window cleaning, hygiene service, steam cleaning, etc.

    Do I have to ring to get my service?

    A: No. Services are scheduled and once in place they don’t change unless you notify us.

    How can I pay my account?

    A: All invoices can be paid via cheque or electronic funds transfer.

    What happens on a public holiday and that’s the date of my service?

    A: Easy - we just change the service date to the day before or the next working day after a public holiday. We also include public holiday cleaning services upon request. You will receive a call prior to the public holiday confirming your requirements, or we can just include the public holidays and the service will remain unchanged; the choice is always yours.

    Is my information confidential?

    A: Yes. Not only that, but all staff must also adhere to a confidentiality agreement that protects your site and information even when an employee leaves the company.

    What if I am not satisfied with your service?

    A: Please contact us immediately if you are not happy with our service. Depending on the service, we may either come back to complete the job or correct it on the next service day. We maintain customer satisfaction through clear channels of communication. Corrective and Preventative Action Reports are completed and reviewed by upper management.

    For more information about our expert property maintenance services, call our skilled team now on 02 9897 2099.

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